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If you have not heard about Yoga Rave yet, you must be in some other planet who just got out of hibernation! Or maybe underground. Yoga rave, is the new way to party! A rave party like no other. It is a substance free party for all ages with yoga and meditation infused in between the hard rock techno sanskrit bhajans! Wow, now that is unusual blend! It is a healthy and balanced fun alternative where you sing and dance to mantras to feel energy, joy and enthusiasm that comes from within rather from external substances. Isn’t that something wonderful to experience?

Yoga Rave is a party like none other in the world, a new concept in fun where the body responds only to the stimulation of music, yoga & meditation. The initiative sprang forth from the Art of Living Foundation, the largest volunteer-run NGO in the world. Just like the rest of the Foundation’s initiatives, the motive is non-profit. The money raised goes to bring yoga, meditation, and stress reduction to university campuses and young professionals in need through the YES plus workshop.

About the Creators

Yoga Rave Artists Nicolas Pucci and Rodrigo Bustos

Yoga Rave Artists – Nicaolas Pucci and Rodrigo Bustos

The So What! project is the creator band of the Yoga Rave. Nicolas Pucci and Rodrigo Bustos are the artistic producers and sound designers for the So What! Project and Yoga Rave parties. They are from Argentina and are volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation. They have released two albums – Smile and Blossom. They play the songs from their albums live in their Yoga Rave parties.

What is the Party like?

Recently there was a Yoga Rave party which was conducted for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit in Argentina. It was attended by more than 100,000 people. The pictures were just amazing to see so many people dancing and singing sanskrit bhajans. Here are some pictures from the event

The party is a blend of the opposites in harmony – Music and Silence! Here is how the party goes

  • YOGA – to warm up the body
  • MEDITATION – To get you into the ideal state of mind to enjoy the music
  • MUSIC, SING and DANCE – Now the dance floor enlivens
  • MEDITATION – After 4 hours of dancing, you slip into deep states of meditation to end the night!

Here is a glimpse of how that would look like

Oh yeah, you will have the trampoline, glow sticks, face artists and other crazy stuff too!

When are they coming?

Yoga Rave is coming to San Francisco this October 12th!

Here is the invitation to the Yoga Rave party in San Francisco from the Art of Living Foundation!

YOGA RAVE is coming to SF this OCT 12th at Herbst Pavilion @ Fort Mason Center! The ticket starts at 20 USD. It si 30$ at the door. You can get your tickets here http://yogaraveus.inticketing.com/events/251516

Some More info


Yoga Rave

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Yoga Rave in NYC

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