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Q: What happens in death?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You will just see the body out there.
Once you come out of the body, you will see your whole life flashing like a movie in a few minutes, and you will only know how much love you gave and how much knowledge you received.

These will be the only two questions that will stand.
1. How much love you gave! Not how much love you received, and
2. How much knowledge you gained.

This question will come and you will say, ‘I will do better in the next’, and that is it. Then there is peace. It is like, sometimes at night before sleeping you review what all work you have to do the next day. You say, ‘This all has to be done tomorrow. Okay, I will do it’, and then you go to bed, isn’t it!

Same thing happens after death. Then that intention of what you will do next life will bring the next body and the next birth to us. Then we choose our parents, the place, and everything else and then we come to this world.

So nothing to be worried about death!

A question was asked to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar about what happens after death and he replies on what are the two questions we are asked. Beautiful answer!