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With the increase in violence in the societies all over the world, it is time that Spiritual leaders take steps to effectively stop it. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has always been in the forefront on how spirituality can help reduce violence in the society, schools and in general. The failure of spiritual communities to present values in a more acceptable language to the young and constant rebuffing of traditional religious spiritual values has contributed to the society’s degeneration in a big way. He says everyone of us have a responsibility to bring this change and the spiritual leaders should step up and show the way.

The recent shootings in the high schools have left us all in shock and stressed. We can all talk about what changes need to happen and how it needs to happen. But who has to make it happen? It is US. We need to step up and take responsibility in any way we can. Just a small step like stop buying violent video games or signing a petition to bring in gun control can go a long way.

As a step towards this initiative there is a Google Hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Jan 26th at 10 am EST/7 am PST/3 pm GMT where he will discuss about these issues. Everyone is welcome to join the Hangout! Below are the details.

Google hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for a Stress Free, Violence Free society!

Google hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for a Stress Free, Violence Free society!

This is going to be the biggest online event till date with more than 4000 members and counting!

Join the Event by RSVP on https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/coba0vjo57hl8g0p5pb1r2in6ks

Post your questions for the Hangout here:http://bit.ly/Ue0I9A
and upload your video questions here:http://bit.ly/Ua6Kbs
More details about the event here:http://bit.ly/VLYNrm

I will be there! Will you?