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Few posts back, I had introduced the campaign started by the Art of Living volunteers to create a Stress-Free and Violence-Free community. Now here are some beautiful videos about people talking about the campaign and asking everyone to SHOW up for it.

First up, Bhargav, a freshman student in San Jose State university shares his vision on what he thinks about a violence free community and why it is important.

Second, Sunita Dash. A mother and employee of Apple, Inc. shares her experiences of the impact of stress and violence in community. She also shares her passion and vision for a community free of stress and violence.

This campaign provides everyone a platform to join hands, come together and create the society that everyone wants to stay in. Stress and Violence are huge problems and it needs every one of us to step in. We need this campaign as much as the campaign needs us. So SHOW UP for the launch event which is inaugurated by World Leader and Humanitarian, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and join thousands of others who have committed themselves for the campaign! Here is another video with people who are showing up!

You can join the campaign here : http://stressfreeviolencefree.org/campaign/join-the-campaign/. If you are not in the bay area or can not attend the campaign – No problem. Help us spread the word in these ways

  1. Like, Comment and Share our Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Stressfreeviolencefree.
  2. We have been tweeting with the tag #peacestarts. Tweet your comment and ideas with the same tag along with our website stressfreeviolencefree.org on Twitter
  3. Reblog this post or this one in your blog so that your readers know about this campaign
  4. Ask your friends and relatives to join the campaign if they reside in the Bay Area
  5. Ask all your other friends to do all of the above :))

It is not every time that we get the chance to make a difference in our society. Here is one. So grab it by SHOWin’ Up to the launch event!