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I have been hitting on this topic for the last few weeks since I believe this the ultimate need for the hour for everyone. Why is the first step is to stress less? To completely eradicate stress in one’s life is a huge challenge- but not impossible. So the first baby step towards that would be to stress less :). Simple as that. Here are some ways on how to do that.

Ways to Stress Less

Ways to Stress Less. Picture courtesy – thepreppychicblog.com

I especially like the last two points in there. Can you look for opportunities in Life’s challenges and can you smile at the challenges? It is not easy if you have a confused and sad mind behind. This is where meditation helps. It calms you down. Helps you think clearly. A unmatched clarity dawns in you. For some, they get their answer to all their problems in meditation. That is why we have to meditate regularly.

The Stress Free Violence Free community campaign by the Art of Living provides just this. A platform for all of us to come together to build a society where there is less stress by meditating and spreading goodness around. That is why we need it more at this time. No matter where you reside, just sign up for the campaign and start spreading goodness around and you will see nature return it back to you :)). If you are in the Bay area, come and attend the launch event by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and listen to prominent members fo our society say about stress and violence.

Register @ our Website : stressfreeviolencefree.org

Also help us spread the word around! Tweet with the handle #peacestarts of what act of kindness you did today or how you spread goodness around. Come and watch the videos on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Stressfreeviolencefree.

Remember one small step for man, huge leap for mankind!

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