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It has been a long time and have some good news! It is only 2 more days to go for the launch of the campaign!! And most importantly – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, my guru, will be coming HOME! It has been 5 years, a long long time, since he last visited the bay area. There is excitement in the air, tears in people’s longings, joy in their words and what not. To add on to this, MC Yogi, the famous American hip-Hop musician and yogi is going to be performing LIVE for the campaign launch. His rap on Obama and Mahatma GANDHI went viral to become chart toppers.

MC Yogi to perform LIVE for the campaign

Here is his website – http://mcyogi.com/ and here is his famous “BE the Change” Gandhi Rap.

Welcome To The Campaign –  MC YOGI!!!!