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I was going through my online archive content and found out a collections of poems that I had penned down when I was in college like 10 years back. It is funny to see how many of my poems were about relationships – the theme of my life then :). I had blogged them on a yahoo service called Yahoo 360! which was taken down couple of years ago. Since I didn’t want to miss my spurts of creativities, I had them archived down only for me to unearth it later. I will be posting some of my works, especially poems, on my blog just for me to read it later and feel nostalgic!!! Yay!

Here is one of my short and sweet one called ‘One Love’.


The dark and the bright
The left and the right
Smiles and tears
All my fears
Screams and Silence
Saintness and violence
A friend and a foe
Every place I go
All my dear souls
Even their distant goals
My Days of old
Every things I told
Every single emotion
The journey and the destination
Every one and all
People big or small
Every single breadth
Life and death..