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It is time for a new theme and new actions to be taken! I am excited! This week’s theme for all of us is Health and Well Being! With only three more weeks to go for the campaign to be launched, we have a lot of people interested in and signing up.

The theme for Pre-Campaign week 3 is HEALTH and WELL BEING!

The theme for Pre-Campaign week 3 is HEALTH and WELL BEING!

As usual we have so many ways to do our random act of kindness in here! Here is my list 

30 seconds act of kindness

  • Post an article on meditation or going vegetarian in your Facebook page to increase awareness – Here is one if you want to use 11 ways how meditation adds value to your life!
  • Call your doctor and thank them
  • Send your friend a healthy meal recipe as a surprise!

7 minutes Act of kindess

  • Practice awareness. For next 7 minutes, do whatever with complete awareness and presence even if you have to multi-task
  • Share a joke with some other and make them laugh
  • Eat a healthy snack
  • Exercise for some time before getting out

30 minutes act of kindess

  • Meditate. Here is a guided meditation if you are not a practitioner already
  • Cook a healthy meal for someone
  • Donate blood
  • Play a sport with your child or kids in the neighborhood
  • Eat a healthy vegetarian meal tonight

If you have any other interesting act of kindness, post them here!