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First of all, I want to apologize for the long hiatus before coming back. Thanks to all those who waited and have been waiting. I was thinking of what might be my first post after my long break. I couldn’t come up with anything better than to share what i gained during the long break and why I had to share it. My last post was about Guru poornima last year which is july 2013. Which means it has been a break of almost 6 months with out a post. So getting straight into what I had to say.  

Here are the 3 main things that I wanted to share

There is more than one truth – I had to undergo many agonizing moments with many people. Proving my self and convincing of my intentions all the times. Have you been through arguments where both the parties think they are doing the right thing? Then you know how it feels. I had to suffer this with many of my close friends. I always would introspect on why couldn’t they understand my point of view and how to make them realize what I was doing. It would just sap my energy levels pondering on these things. Then one fine day, I was listening to a talk and listened this sentence – Evolution is to realize that there is more than one more truth! I realized that every body thinks what they “know” is the right. Once you understand the depth of this, it gives you such peace in you. The situation will remain but you will act differently. It might probably save you from disaster like it did with me!

Karma exists, I know it and you should too! –  I have read a lot and heard about karma and how it comes a full circle to you. Lot of theories and lot of experiences in small ways. But recently i was hearing to a friend who went back to India and discovered a lot of things about past lives and things like that. How every event in one’s present life has reasons beyond this present life and beyond one’s fathoms! It was mind blowing in different levels. I could only imagine what effects all the emotions that we hold onto will bring. There is so much power in not holding onto your negative emotions. Remember to forgive and to let go! You will thank me later 🙂

You become whom you hate : There were a lot of things that I didnt like in many people. But there was this one person that I didnt like anything about. The more I thought about that person’s qualities, the more angry I would become. Only later did I notice that I started imbibing more of the same qualities I hated. The more I let go the more easier it became for me. So dont hate anyone – it only magnifies the same quality in you!

Now that I have said it all out, You can expect more stories, more fun stuff and surely more knowledge from Sri Sri 🙂 Welcome one and all!