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The Campaign launch is happening on March 24th and we have only 3 weeks to go. This the Pre-Campaign week 2 and this week’s theme is EDUCATION! The previous week’s theme was Family.

The theme for Pre-Campaign week 2 is EDUCATION!

The theme for Pre-Campaign week 2 is EDUCATION!

We can get involved in many different ways based on how much time you want to give it. Here are some of the things I came up. It was really interesting coming up with it :). Add yours in the comment section.

30 seconds act of kindness

  • Give words of encouragement to a student in your community
  • Praise a teacher for their service to the community
  • Connect with a lost school friend

7 minutes Act of kindess

  • Send a thank you letter to oen of your teachers – past or present
  • Join and comment on your alumni Facebook page or share it with other people
  • Buy a story book for your neighbor’s kid
  • Read to a child
  • Buy an educational event ticket and donate it to some one
  • Post a positive comment on any educational blog

30 minutes act of kindess

  • Write a letter to your local congressmen to help secure additional school funding
  • Donate old books to your local library
  • Assist a kid with their homework
  • Mentor a at-risk teen or kid
  • Teach someone a new language